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Another excellent technique

I want to tell you about another interesting technique. This technique can be useful for achieving goals. No matter personal or professional goals. I am talking about a real breakthrough in your life. My story is not about small tasks of your workday. I am talking about aiming your dreams. There is a very important question “How to achieve your huge goal?” In a minute I will give you a unique technique which helps you to make a leap in your life. You will improve your life if you use this approach to achieve your goals, for example, learn a foreign language.

It is known how to difficult to achieve success. Many people will say that you must work hard, or you must have wealthy parents, or you have to graduate from Ivy League University if you want to be a successful person. I am not going to say this banal thing. Particularly this is true. But on your way toward the success you can easily lose your family and close people, health and friends and so on. Because of following common rules and mass media will squeeze your person. You will work 10-12 hours for a long period of time and your family and friends will forget you. But the other side you want to make a breakthrough. What can we do in this situation?

The solution

The solution is next. You have to concentrate on making the breakthrough in a short period of time. I mean you have to roll your sleeves and work hard but…only a short period of time. Please, choose the period of time for half a year for example, or a year and decide: “I will have been working hard for half of a year. For this period of time, I will not have been going parties, I will not have been traveling, I will not have been going shopping. I will have been spending my time only for my learning, work, and education. But I will have been doing it only for half a year. After half a year I will reduce my striving, and I will live my casual lifestyle.” Of course, you will have to maintain your level of knowledge, but it will be easy.

My experience of using this approach

I am going to give you an example of how I have been learning English. Once, I decided that I must know the second language. I decided I would spend four months on learning English. For this period of time, I would not join parties, visit nightclubs, visit any entertainments (theatre, concert, bowling, billiards, etc). All my spare time I would spend on doing home tasks, studying grammar rules, reading English books and watch only English movies. I set my goals what level I wanted to. Thereafter I went to the English classes. I had been working hard for four months. After I had finished my learning, I did only the necessary things to keep up my knowledge level, but I reduced my classes and started to spend my free time this pleasure. In three months I decided to repeat this circle.

In order to achieve your goals, you should work gradually. You must alternate hard work time with rest time. Being on a plate has a benefit. You can reinforce your knowledge. You can extend your scope to read (listen, watching) material you interested in.

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