Resistance to life changes. How to overcome the fear of changes?

I have been thinking for a long time that something wrong with me. I am afraid of changing my life. My mind has a strong resistance to change my life. This is very hard for me to change the location of living, to change job, to meet new friends, to start doing something unusual, etc. I am afraid of new surrounds, meeting people, going to new classes.  Maybe this is not a good character trait or special feature of my personality.  I wonder if this is a special temperamental attribute, which only I have. I started interesting in the questions: why is it too difficult for me to do something unusual; why do I dread to act? Why do people resist change?

I have found the answer. At least, I think that I found the first reason why people have fear of changing their life. I figured out that it is a very common fear. I asked many people “Do you have fear of changing?” and almost every person replayed me “Yes”. I realized I am not alone. I would say that we have a fear of going out of comfort zone.

Comfort zone

In our life, we often meet the situation when you have to change something or just do something unusual and new. At this moment our inner voice starts to convince us that our life is not so boring and bad, and the other side nobody tells you that your life will be better when you change your job, for instance. A habitual borders in which you live name comfort zone. In other words, a living space that allows you to feel safe is a comfort zone.

I am not a psychologist, and I can only shear with you my own thoughts and conclusions. There are a lot of books and courses how to go out of a comfort zone.  I suppose that the problem is that our subconsciousness tries to rescue us from jeopardy. It considers the changes of location, interior, people, partner as a danger. I assume  it relates to our past when following to our instincts were the best behavior, which helped our ancestors to survive in the wild world. However, our surround changed but not our subconsciousness. In addition, it tries to hold you back from changing your life. Our subconsciousness has a strong resistance to change something.

How to overcome your fear of change

You can apply one approach to overcoming this fear of changing. It comprises to cheat your subconsciousness by doing something at a low pace and small steps. For instance, you want to relocate to another country. Only one thought can elicit bad feelings. Do not disturb your subconsciousness just visit this country as a tourist several times. Let your subconsciousness get used to this surround. You have to tame your subconsciousness. For example, you want to change your job and you have fear of failure. Just try to speak to people who have been already working for this company or who have just changed their job. Or you can visit this building or office just for an acquaintance. Let your subconsciousness is getting used to this surround.

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