How to learn English? My experience. Introduction

I greet you, my visitors, of my blog! I want to tell you about my experience of learning the English language, but you can apply my approaches to learn Spanish or German language.  It seems strange why I am doing it? However, there are several reasons!

Foremost, many people amidst a crowd of colleagues ask my very often: “How did I achieve such a good level of knowing the English language?” Once, I was telling about my approaches for an hour to my just encountered peers.  Secondary, if I had met the person like me, who could explain to me the basis of learning English (or Spanish) language I would have achieved the demanded level of knowledge faster. I am not talking about the rules of grammar. I am talking about the basic approaches to learn something new.

Perhaps, my experience and thoughts will hint you a direction for learning a foreign language and simplify your hard way toward to know the English language or Spanish/German or another language. Thirdly, sometimes when you accumulate your own experience you want to share with people to express yourself! This is my inner wish.

Attention! I want to describe only my own experience of learning English. I do not aspire to true, moreover, I think that I sometimes learn English not properly. Also, it seems to me that I could achieve my level of knowledge faster. Nonetheless, it seems to me that my story will be very interesting for you and go to rouse you to learn a foreign language. I am not pursuing any goal to sell something to you. This is just my story and novel of learning the English language. This is the story behalf of an average person with average abilities.

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