Self-identification is a key to your habits

It is known that workaholism is not a good helper for life. How to overcome it? This is a problem! Your workaholism can destroy everything beginning from your health and finish your family. This problem became more serious for the last time. In our information century, we try to do more than other companies and colleagues and it creates stress for us, it makes us feel depressed. After my work, I act like a boss, employee or entrepreneur, and my behavior is not apt for another situation, for instance, at home, in a gym, etc. I can start to give an orders to my close people or speak as a chief and it is not good for our relationship.

Self-identification is a key to your life

The solution to this problem can be in switching over to another person when you finish your work. You have to grow up your ability to switch over from one person to another. For instance, in the morning, when you wake up, you are a family man and a good husband. At your work – You are a chief, and in the evening you can be a sportsman. You have to define yourself. Self-identification is very important. If you consider yourself as a sportsman or entrepreneur, your mind cannot act against these self-definitions. Every morning I remind yourself that I am a sportsman and I act like a sportsman. This behavior helps me to stop doing something unhealthy – to eat junk food or smoke. I remember I am a sportsman, and I cannot eat this cake.
Your brain tries to follow according to your self-identification.

New habits and behavior

This approach will support and hold you and your behavior near your self-identification and vision, which you hold in your mind. At my work, I am a chief or employee and I act and say proper thing according to the situation and my view. When I go out of the office, I switch my behavior over to another person. For example, I switch over to a sportsman or family men. In addition, I leave behind the back all my problem and tasks. I leave all the problems in the office and try to act like a sportsman. In order to switch over to another person, for instance, switch from chief to sportsman, I do the next ritual – I sit down in the car and replace my working watch to fitness bracelet. Moreover, I start to think that I am a sportsman. I act and do what usually sportsmen do before or during their training.

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