How to set goals properly.

I suppose you know about the importance of setting goals. This is very good for you if you have a habit to set goals in your life and career. Many successful people are telling us about setting goals in your job and life. You have heard this recommendation so many times that you can give somebody advice about how to do it. Nevertheless, I want to raise this theme again and to pay your attention to two aspects.

 A plan is nothing, but planning is everything.

What does it mean? As far as I am concerned, the act of planning is more important than your plan. Let us say that you have your daily tasks list and usually you cannot achieve your goals and manage to all your tasks. And it is normal, you do not have to be frustrated. It is normal. But planning allows you to be in a corridor, to be in the right direction. Planning holds your mind and thoughts on the right course. You concentrate on your necessary thing even in fuss and bustle. Planning as an action allows you to be a self-disciplined man, which knows where he must go. In this case, you turn to the goal direction and life or surround tries to help you. Your mind and your life will turn toward successful like a sunflower always tries to turn to the sun. Because of it, I think that planning more important than the items of your plan. During your movement toward your goals, you can change these goals. Moreover, this is normal.

Specific goals

Your goals must be specific!  You have to set maximum specific goals. You have to define your ideal outcome clearly. If you want to learn how to play the piano, you have to start to learn just a simple song. There are a thousand techniques of playing the piano – choose one of them. Moreover, try not to study in general, but study to play the piano in order to play for your wife a special song. Learn Spanish not in general but for your future travel, or to have an ability to communicate with your Spanish friend.

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