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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find articles about personal development and self-improvement, which based on my life and work experience. The common definition of personal development is actions and activities which develop your personality through improving your potential talents and obtaining new skills and knowledge in order to succeed in your life.

My definition of personal development

What is self-development for me? First of all, I define self-growth as an obtaining new knowledge and skills for creating happy surround and life around me. However, personal development is not an end in itself for me. You have to apply new skills to improve your life and lives of your close people.

Personal development articles on my blog will help to resolve personal problems, develop important personal skills in order to live a full life, reach your goals and never give up in front of a face of problems. At the same time as an author of personal development blog, I have no rights to give up as well. We will overcome all hardship together.

Personal development plan

Consequently, personal development includes the following activities, which I am going to cover in this blog:

Blog mission

The mission of this self-improvement blog is to motivate you for making your life more effective, more interesting and happier. I believe my blog will help you to succeed in your life and work. I will be thanking one’s lucky stars or heaven if my articles give you an impulse to improve your life and work. The next important thought I must say that I think nobody knows how to live. Therefore, I DO NOT ALLEGE anything! I just want to share with you my opinion, lifehacks and thought without any pressure.

Live and grow with!

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