How to accomplish a hard project. Rule 8-11 AM

Exhausted by overwork.

I want to put you wise to the next lifehack. It allowed me to do my direct work to manage a hard project. If you use this recommendation, you will accomplish your hard project.
Once I counted a number of calls to me to help somebody in some issue. The number of calls was 50-60. It meant that every hour I had to reply to seven questions! Every 10 minutes I drew my attention away from my work. It was awful! My attention was diffused. It took much time in order to concentrate on my own work after helping my colleagues. The same issue was with emails and other working letters.

The Rule “8-11 AM”

I call this rule “8-11 AM”. As for me, my productivity is higher in the morning. Three or four hours from 8 a.m. (or 9 a.m.) to 11 a.m. (or 12 a.m.) are the most important in my workday because my mind is fresh during this time. I have heard about a different type of person who has the best productivity in the evening, but I am sure that morning is the best time for the most important tasks. Therefore, I try to resolve the main things in the morning.


Once I decided to implement this rule in my division. I gathered my team and asked them to work without assistance with their tasks. In addition, I insisted “Even if you do not know how to do your task, first of all, try to resolve your task by yourself. Do not disturb your colleagues and chief! Do not try to do two or more tasks. Just concentrate on one task”. The next step I have done was a meeting with my chief. In both cases, I explained my vision of the problem of productivity in our department. The explanation is the most important thing when you want to introduce new changes in your practice. People do not like change. They will resist it. You have to inject some new changes in your work and life very gradually, step by step. After lunch, we usually managed to current issues and problems. It will be very useful if you start using a simple time management in addition.

The result was admirable! This approach allowed me to concentrate on the main things, on big things. I had been watching how our project at least started moving toward our goal.

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    Thanks. I am going to use this rule in my time management.

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