How to get a job of my life

Many people ask yourself “What job should I do?” or “How to find a job of my life?” I am disappointing you – there is no any job of your life! You have to part with the idea that somewhere there is a job of your life. Because you never know the criteria of the job you want to find, at least it is blurred. Having found your job once you can not rid of the thoughts that somewhere there is a better work and you will not strive to do your job well.

Invest in your job

This story is like a girl who waits for her only one man for wadding, but truly she can build strong relationship with many other men. Because a relationship is a career, you have to do something to improve and support your relationship. The same situation with the job. You can be a very good bartender, accountant, fireman, engineer etc. If you find a job you like you must do it well. Invest in your work and during your improvement in a profession you will start to love your work. The only master enjoys his work! This approach will extend your scope a spacial if you use simple time management.

Extend your scope

I cannot say that you must stay on a job you really do not like. If it is really hard, find another job. It is not necessary to jump from one craft to another, but when you understand that you are empty and exhausted, or there is no any field for improvement in your current profession you should change your job. I would not say that I like the advice of psychologist about changing the job once a seven year. Why? What for? If you love it, You should keep on working. As for me, there is only one criterion that you must do something. Our craft or job piques interest then it can not be done on 100 percent and you have to advance your skills. If it happens, you should extend the field of your work or find another job. We live in a good time when you can change several jobs and succeed in your new job.

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