How to overcome fear and doubt of being a chief

I encountered a very nervous and depressed situations when I saw many people who have doubt about their promotion. Especially when they were going to become chiefs. I suppose this is a big problem, especially for a kind and calm men and women, who have very milt character, but they are professionals. Particularly, this daunting problem for women. They are usually calmer and less ambitious than men.

The cause

As far as I am concerned, the cause of these doubt and misgivings are the next. When you become a chief or a manager of a project, especially, when you come into a new team, you meet new people and these people can be more professional than you. In this situation, you can start thinking that you are not good enough specialists and you have not enough skills. Sometimes your new team can point on your weaknesses and not strong skills. They can say that you are not smart to be their chief and leader. You start feeling an inferiority complex. You will start to have doubt about your abilities and opportunities. In addition, you can start to strive to do your work best but make mistakes.

The solution

Relax! Let think about a football coach. Just imagine you are a football coach. Do you really think that the coach must be better than your team players? Look around I do not see the situation when the coach  runs faster and plays better than their players would. However, he is their coach. You do not need to be better than every participant of your team is. You must be good at something and be good at planning.

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