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My work experience

This is a really disputable rule. I will not allege that it is a golden rule of leaders and chiefs. But before I tell you the rule I want to tell you my story.

If you work hard for 8 hours a day, you will become a chief and work for 12 hours a day. (Joke)

I have got a promotion recently. Frankly speaking, I would not say that I became a chief. As for me I would rather say that I became a leader of my team. I had been working hard for 3 years. Sometimes I worked at home. I even do not mention my overtime work. Honestly, I love my job. I did and do the best. But in three years I undermined my health. I got high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, troubled slumber, and so on. I realized I was doing something wrong.

Having read several books I found my problem – to do all the work myself. I decided that I have to delegate part of my work. But I was afraid that the work I was delegated would not accomplish well.

A horrible quote

I believe you know this quote:

“If you want things to be done well – do it yourself.”

This quote can kill you! I know your fears. You have one ideal ultimate result in your mind. What you explain to your subordinates is the second ultimate result. That they will understand is the third ultimate result. What they will do is the fourth result. And, usually, the fourth ultimate result is far from the first. You have to put up with imperfect results. You must delegate most of the works which you can do yourself. Yes, sometimes it will be not the result you excepted, but you can release spare time for yourself in order to think of strategical things.

A golden rule of all chiefs

Ok, here is my rule:

Foremost make your people work and only after that start working yourself!

Of cause, you have to create a plan for your project, for instance, and after that immediately set the assignment for your team member. In additional I create my own time management approach which based on popular time management techniques.

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