Yoga. My experience and impressions of practicing Hatha yoga

My first attempts

I want to familiarize you with yoga, more exactly with Hatha yoga. Yoga is a miracle! I have been doing yoga for 7 years. I used to do my yoga six times a week. Unfortunately, I have moved to another house, and it takes a lot of time to come to my work since then I have been doing my yoga three times a week. I had been a really unlucky guy and an unhappy person before I started practicing yoga. I had many diseases at that time. I had a heartache, problem with my prostate gland and other. Before that time I had tried to start doing yoga maybe twice but gave up doing my exercises in a month. Only the third time, I started doing yoga more or less regularly. Thanks for my friend who brought me to the Teacher.

Miracle of yoga

I started practicing my yoga at a studio and reading books of the great teachers of yoga – Bellur Krishnamachar Sundaraja Iyengar, Swami Sivananda, etc. But the main thing is practice. Ones again yoga is a magic! I do not how it works, but it works.

Here are my impressions:

  • I do not know how to explain this, but yoga transform your surround – not only people but your space.

As for me I started visiting a foreign country, my income increased, and everything at my work went excellent – I had a promotion. Yoga is like a pillow, which protects you in bad situations.

  • I solved many health’s problems.

I felt better, my stomach began to work better, my kidneys are not ill more (before I started doing yoga I had  several little stones in my kidneys). I reinforce my muscles. Once, I have injured my knee, and my doctor told me that it was not serious, but it hurt, not so much but it was exhausted. And when I started practicing Virasana (yoga asana) my pain went away. At that time I did ultrasound research and found my prostate gland was a little bit increased. In one year I repeated the research and everything was good. My spine became more flexible.

  • A causeless feeling of happiness.

Usually, in order to be happy, the average man must have a reason – big car, good pone, a vast house, much money. But what if the reasons for your happiness suddenly disappear? I will start finding another cause and trying to achieve it. And repeat this cycle again and again. Yoga can give you the causeless sense of happiness.

  • Yoga increased the level of my mindfulness.

When I do yoga, I direct one’s attention to my body and breath. I acquired the skill to stay conscious of my body, to pay attention to my close people, to nature and animals.

  • I was really astonished when I started noticing my intuition.

I have heart slightly noticeable thoughts in my mind how I must act in different situations. Of cause I did not listen to my intuition very often. It was even not clear thoughts, but some strange feeling what I must to do. Honestly, I cannot explain these feelings clearly.

  • I suppose I have become more generous, kindness man.

To sum up I strongly recommend you to start doing yoga for your health, your mind, your soul.

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